Lithium Base Grease

Description and Application:

Moly-GreaseMoly grease is multipurpose extreme pressure lithium hydroxy stearate grease incorporating moly bdenu disulphide.They are recommended for use in vehicle applications where a grease of this type is spedified by the vehicle manufactures.

Those grease are recommended for leaf springs, hydraulic rams, plungers, slides, elevator cables, pantograph pans,steel wire ropes and certain anti-seize purpose

Main Benifits:

  • Long service life.
  • Good pump ability.
  • Good shear-stability and resistance to vibration.
  • Low friction torque.
  • Resistant to wash-off by water.



Typical Characteristics:

sr. Properties Chassis
1 Appearance Grayish Black
2 X 60 Strokes at 25 degree 280-300
3 Droping Point degree 180
4 Thickener Type Lithium