Lithium Base Grease

Description and Application:

multipurpose greaseMulripurpose grease AP is a series of hight quality,lithium hydroxy stearate extreme pressure grease. It incorporates a lead free AP additive and is for use where surfaces are subjected to heavy or shock loading.It also contains oxidation and corrosion inhibitors,which help to ensure long service life of the grease and a high level of protection for ferrous surface these greases are for use in plain and rolling bearing operating under server conditions of shock loading all types and in all kinds of machinery-including electrical motors,machine tools,textile,paper making and wood working machines and construction equipment-where the continous operating tempratures areithin the specified limits.

These greases can be used at higher temperatures of up to 180 degree for short duration or with frequent replacement.Continuous operating temperature rang for these grease:-20 to 130 degree.

Main Benifits:

  • Long service life.
  • Low friction torque.
  • Good pump ability.
  • Resistant to wash-off by water.
  • Good shear-stability and resistance to vibration.
  • High load carrying capacity and low wear.
  • Fully compatible with other lithium greases.



Typical Characteristics:

sr. Properties AP2 AP3
1 Appearance Light Yellow Light Yello
2 X 60 Strokes at 25 degree 265-295 220-250
3 Droping Point degree 190 190
4 Thickener Type Lithium Lithium