Spring Lubricant

Description and Application:

Where covers are provided on springs of automotive equipment,a special spring lubricant consisting of a lubricating grease with a filter,generally graphite,is used for lubrication.this type of product should not be used on other part of the car and therefor should be handled with a separate low pressure gun.Spring covers are of various materials and the method of application of the lubricat will very with the tyoe of cover.this cover include:

Fabric or leather covers,held by laciugs.these should be removed for servicing.
Synthetic rubber covers.these can be pulled back enough at each end to permit injection of the lubricant between the cover and the spring.
Metal covers,which should never be removed but are lubricated through fittings which may be provided in the cover,or by means of a special lubricating clamp,which contains a lubricating fitting.In other cases,plugs may be present in the metal covers.It should be recognized that covers are made of thin metal and that it is easy to break off a fitting or to crush the cover.A procedure for lubricating such spring covers consists of the following steps:
Jack up chassis so that weight on springs will be relieved and thus the lubricant will pentrate between leaves.
Next the springs are cleaned to permit detection of either lubricating points or holes in the cover.it there are no lubrication points 3/16 inch holes are drilled in the bottom of the cover about 2/3 of the way between the center and the ends.
Insert lubricating clamp and screw the plunger of this clamp until it pierces the canvas inner cover.Unless this is done ,the lubricant may be forced between the inner and outer covers rather than between the inner cover and the spring.In tightening the clamp do not use much pressure
If necessary,tape the ends and laps of the cover to prevent leakage of lubricant while filling.for the same reason,a C clamp may be required at the end of the cover.
Apply spring lubricant through fitting slowly untile it appears at end of cover.servive the other half of the spring in the same manner.
After completing lubrication,and after the spring has been checked for squeaks,plug the holes made for the lubricating clamp.