Wheel Bearing Lubricant

Description and Application:

This is a subject upon which there is some difference of opinion.As a consequence the NLGI technical committee have under consideration setting up recommended practices for the operation.Hemmingway estimates the importance of lubricating quality for this application as 10 percent against an estimated skill in doing the job of 90 percent.

However some of the method of applying lubricating grease to wheel bearings,which are now in vogue,can be given.where differences of opinion exist,these will be noted.wheel bearing may be either ball or roller type. the procedure for lubrication is the same for both.

Before the step required for lubrication are description are described,a word of caution about cleanliness is in order.Car manufacturers state that many wheel bearing failures are caused by dirt and grit introduces during repacking.therefor it is essential that the fresh lubricating grease and the clean bearing be kept absolutely free of any foreign matter.

A typical front wheel roller bearing assembly is shown in figure 2214.this does not show the outer or inner hub caps which serve as a protection against the entry of dirt and as a decoration.

The procedure of packing wheel bearing includes disassembly,cleanings,parts,repacking,assembly,and adjusting.The same is possibly true of servicing disc brake model front wheel bearings.

Summarizing,the most important and critical points in lubricating font wheel bearings on automotive equipment are:

absolute cleanliness and freedom from contamination are essential;
overlubrication should be avoided;
proper adjustment of the assembled wheel bearing is necessary.